Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions

All bookings that you make with Global Travel Wide Ltd are governed by the following terms and conditions. Carefully read them as it contains the site’s obligations and rights. Here booking conditions ‘we’ and ‘us’ means Global Travel Wide ltd (Company in Concern) and ‘you’ or ‘your’ contains the individual named on the booking and all individuals on the behalf of whom the booking is done or transferred or added.  In case the booking individual(s) disagree with any section of the mentioned terms and conditions, they should not enter in any dealing with the company in concern.

Booking Your Travel Preparations

Services rendered fall under the matter of availability. At the time of booking substantiate that you can accept and are permitted to accept the terms and conditions on behalf of either yourself or on behalf of other travelling individuals with you. Moreover, payment of booking by you for any number of persons is your responsibility if you are acting for booking. It also lies under your responsibility to ensure authenticity of all the information you provide us and to give the information/supplies given to us to all the individuals of your party.

Online Bookings

While booking online, you should give us all the data we need and ensure that the debit or credit card you are using is your own (or if it is a third person’s then you must show your authority to use his debit or credit card) and that adequate money is on hand to maintain the cost of the travelling arrangements which you reserve with us. When we obtain and agree to your booking we will dispatch a verification invoice and email to you. We do not make any demonstration or guarantee as to the presence of any flight or individual components nor that our reservation services are clean from infection of viruses or anything else which has impure or vicious influence on your property.

Telephonic Bookings

While booking by telephone you must give us all the data which we need and ensure also that the debit or credit card you are using is your own (or, lies under the agreement, if it is a third person’s then you must show your authority to use his debit or credit card) and that adequate money is on hand to maintain the cost of the travelling arrangements which you reserve with us. When we obtain and agree to your booking we will dispatch a verification invoice and email to you. It is to ensure that a reservation done on the phone is valid. After receiving the verification, please go through the full elements and notify us right away if anything looks wrong, as later any change is not possible.

Data Security Plan

For processing your reservation and making sure that your travel preparations are efficient and comply with your requirements, we use the below information that you have provided us with.

Details of name/address/contact No.(cell phone, Landline Number)/email address.

Features of your visits to our website and the resources you use, containing but not ONLY, location data, traffic data, weblogs etc. Other communication information is also inclusive.

Data used in filling forms at our website while registering either for information or acquisition of services.

Every data given to us at the time of communication whatsoever the reason.

Some of the data that we gather may fall under “sensitive personal data” according to Data Protection Act 1998. We gather it only to utilize it for your needs or operate in your interest. We ask for this consent when essential.

Health Requirements Visa and Passport

The responsibility lies upon you to examine your travel documents including Visa, Passport and health requirements to know if they are in order.

Visa and Passport

You need to check with the respective consulates or embassies for information about your Visa and passport. We are not liable for your prohibition to enter the flight or country due to any incompetence on your side/ non availability of passport or visa/ any other document acquired by a country, authority or airline. You must acquire a passport valid after your return by 6 months. Your health documents must be the most current and your visa must be valid for all the countries you are to visit including the countries in your transit route.

This comprises of all the places where the plane will stop whether you leave the airport or not. If this is the last year of your visa, check the matter with the embassy of your visiting country. If you need more assistance, contact the passport office.

Foreign and commonwealth office can provide you with the latest travel data, advice and entry requirements. Please, visit www.fco.gov.uk.


You agree to be liable for you and your party’s behavior and that your conduct should not be offensive to others or poses threat of damage and loss to others property. If any damage is done, then its compensation be made directly to the owner or administrator or other dealer. We believe that all customers have thoughtfulness for other travelers. If in our logical vision or in the vision of any other people in power your conduct is causing or likely to cause pain or threat to any third party or harm to property, we keep the right to end your preparations without notifying you. In such a situation your entire reservation with us, consisting of your return transport preparations, will end right away and we will not be liable for paying any fares, expenditures, refunds or reimbursements.

Observance of laws

You are also liable to observe the laws, norms, foreign trade and the laws regarding drugs in the countries you visit. We/our legislative body keep our right to call off your reservations at any moment if in our logical vision you are reported to be acting in a manner that is socially intolerable or getting involved in illicit actions, without any liability on us for any cost return or legal case.


You have the choice to accept the travel insurance provided by us or avail it independently. The cover of insurance should be covering charges of cancellation, abrupt cut off of your vacations,repatriation and medical cost inclusive of air ambulance, personal calamity, and loss of delay or harm to your own effects.

Flights and Traveling Documents

Please be aware that a flight mentioned as direct in your air ticket must not be ‘direct’. The arrival/departure schedule on your plane tickets is set up by the airline in concern and is an approximation only. The schedule is liable to change because of regulations of air traffic control, weather changes, maintenance/operational needs; passengers need to check these on time. We cannot make any specific preparations for you if you are late; lateness is at full judgment of the airline in question.

In flight matters, a child should be less than 2 years old on the day of return flight to deserve a fare level of 10% of IATA’s published cost.

Please be aware that a division of a flight route is not exploited without contacts to the delivery service directly, any remaining divisions may be cancelled without prior notice. In such a situation we cannot accept the liability for any expenses taking place.

In compliance with EU regulations we are supposed to make you aware of the presence of ‘Community list’. This list includes details of air transporters that are exposed to a ban of operation within the EU. This list can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/transport/air-ban.

 We keep the right to alter the airline in case the airline is under objection of EU regulation. Any alteration to the airline, that involves you, will be informed to you as soon as possible, at the boarding gate or at the check-in.

Confirmation of all Flights

Call us or the office of the airline you are flying on, no less than 72 hours prior to your given departure times to make sure that no changes have taken place. This is for both outgoing and incoming flights. We will not hold the responsibility of any added cost because of your inability to confirm the flight(s). Confirming your flight 72 hours earlier is the minimum amount of time.

Reservation and Lodging

We get the ratings of hotels and other accommodations from many resources which provide a general guide. Therefore, these are not official ratings and keep in mind that the level of facilities can differ from country to country and within the same country as well. The standards vary for example a 3 star hotel may not be at the same level of comfort as another 3 star hotel in another country. We do not cater any exclusive use of accommodation mentioned on the site. The hotels with us are rented by travelers from many countries with various cultures and are of different ages.

Times of Checking

The guests can generally check-in and check-out according to local time, it can be 3pm for check-out or 11am for check-in or according to the local timing. For acquiring more exact timing please, call customer service at cheapflight4u.


We do our best to display the images on Global Travelwide ltd with the most accuracy and reliability however we do not guarantee that they represent the real property. The images only give the overall look of the hotel/accommodation.

Facilities, amenities, and explanations

We strive to make sure that the facilities, amenities and explanations are precise and up to date but we get this data from other travel dealers therefore cannot guarantee that they are always accurate. This information gives only a general picture of the property.

Extra Beds or Cots

Extra charges will be involved for extra cot or beds. Please contact Global Travelwide ltd customer services for more information. Breakfast is not inclusive in the services unless it is clearly stated. Some hotels might charge extra local taxes.

Refund of Airline Ticket(s)

Returned air tickets are liable to administration charges worth £45 per ticket. Economy class tickets are non-refundable (Airline policy applies). No matter how many tickets you return, you are responsible to pay per ticket charges of cancellation as required by the airline or according to their terms and conditions. You do not have an automatic right of returning the ticket with full refund; if you send us a request to refund we will arrange its refund with the concerned airline according to their terms and conditions. Refunds will not be available to you until after the relevant airline or consolidator has paid us the refund amount. Air tickets are refunded within 6 to 7 weeks from the time of tickets submission to the airline.

Changes of Flights

If your flight gets cancelled, your rights and compensations lie under the airline’s carriage conditions.

If a change in the schedule occurs to your route before we get a receipt of full price for you, or before the issuance of a ticket (of either the return or outbound flight) we will do our best to let you know on the carrier’s behalf.

Passenger will able to change the date in case of schedule change or flight cancellation +- 3 days depending on flight availability. Please note if you wish to change out of these days, you will be charged an admin fee of £45 plus if there is any fare difference.

Global Travelwide ltd provides all the common information on its website for the sake of guidance only. It is notified that Global Travelwide ltd may alter any part/feature of the website or its substances at any time, inclusive of dealers, characteristics, database, info or contents. You have to confirm the concerned travel dealers, objectives, and embassy or tourism office to ascertain if the guide is up-to-date.

Exactly in regard to passports, visas, and holiday requirements Global Travelwide ltd does not assure that the information is always current and it is your liability to comprehend and meet the terms of visa, passport and vaccination responsibilities. Our website utilizes cookies to check surfing favorites. If you let cookies in your surfing then the personal info followed may be stored with us and a third party may use it.

Global Travelwide ltd does not assure the data on the website (inclusive of descriptions, dates and prices) is error free or unavailable, though we utilize all our resources and efforts to correct any mistake or insert missing info the moment we are notified about it.  As an example, most of the hotels and accommodations described are added to our site by the travel dealers or the particular hotels. You exploit any info at this website at your own responsibility; we are not liable for that. It is your personal responsibility to ascertain that any product, information, service acquired from this website complies with your needs.

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